Our Products

Our programs are designed to arm kids with the tools they need to calm still and centre their mind. We teach important life skills that I wish I had been taught as a little girl. The program helps to build resilience in our children so when bad stuff happens it just slides right off instead of sticking .

21 Day Gratitude Journal

In these crazy uncertain times so many of us are not feeling happy. Looking after our own mental health is essential at the moment and GRATITUDE is key. 

Practising GRATITUDE everyday creates a powerful sense that we NOW see the world through. What we focus on becomes our reality. So choose to focus on the good in your life. That is gratitude. 

This 21 day journal is designed to help train your mind to naturally come from a place of Gratitude. 

Download it, Print it or Save it to your device book library to be able to write inside and have it on the go!


Resilience Toolkit

Step by step guide with worksheets to building and improving resilience in all areas of your life.

Creating Resilient Children Toolkit

A handy toolkit for parents wanting to create resilient children. Resilient children are flexible, they can take the hits, rebound and bounce back again. It is the resilient people in life that achieve greatness.


“Mindfit kids are well balanced children that are aware of their fears but it doesn’t stop the from reaching their full potential”

Salli Galvin